Word Aflame Press

Word Aflame Press books such as the one you were just reading can be obtained from:

Pentecostal Publishing House
8855 Dunn Road
Hazelwood, MO 63042-2299
Phone: 314-837-7300

I strongly recommend that you order their "catalog of books."

When you order - and you should order a book if you are making good use of it online - please mention that you heard about the Pentecostal Publishing House through the Apostolic Home Page on the Internet. This will encourage them (and myself) to have more books placed online. The Apostolic Home Page is found at "http://members.gnn.com/apostolic".

If for any reason you want to try to use these online books for anything other than reading online, such as downloading them for printout or for quoting portions of the book for anything other than a literary review, the Pentecostal Publishing House is the place to go for written permission to do so (which may be hard to obtain), or to order your own copy (which is easy to obtain).

Copyright Detection

Small typographical changes have been made from the original book(s) in order to detect copyright violators who misuse the information found on this site.

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